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Firewall/Draftstop Venting

Some building codes could require that a firewall/draftstop be placed between a garage attic space and your main livable attic space. By installing a fire control damper into the firewall/draftstop wall section the pressurized exhaust from the Flex-Fan™ will be allowed to pass from the garage attic into the livable attic and remove the hot air in both attics.

Many times the best way to remove heat is to install the Flex-Fan™ in a place that requires cutting a hole in the firewall. To comply with fire codes, we have a product that will automatically close in the event of a fire but at the same time makes it possible to vent through that firewall/draftstop.

Below are two photos showing our Firewall/Draftstop Venting unit.

Designed for your garage of home!

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