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Eave Vent

Only at Attic Tune-Up Systems

The Eave Vent is designed to be nailed into the roof rafters or trusses to provide unrestricted intake air flow to the attic space above.

Eave Vents come in 2 sizes

  • 22.25" x 3.5" (small) / 60 Sq. In. N.F.V.A.
  • 22.25" x 5.5" (large) / 90 Sq. In. N.F.V.A.

The bottom photo to the left is actually two photos. The top portion shows an open-tail rafter of an attic that is poorly vented.

The bottom portion of the photo shows the Eave Vent that replaced the entire space between the roof rafters or trusses.

As shown in the photo, the Eave Vent was painted black to give the appearance that the area was in a shadow. The installed Eave Vent won't distract from the appearance of the home.

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